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A retro musical journey with the dynamic Antonis Dominos.

Decked out in eccentric tuxedos and brandishing his portable Elvis mic, Antonis takes center stage as a riveting one-man show. Known for his eclectic sunset sessions in Mykonos, his charisma and flair for performance are second to none.

Riding on the nostalgic waves of the golden age of pop music, Antonis masterfully croons classic hits from legendary icons like Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin, Frankie Valli, Nat King Cole, and more… His repertoire traverses the swing and post-swing eras, dips into the early rock ‘n roll age, and then leaps forward to the vibrant pop hits of the 80s and 90s.

Experience the magic of music history with Dominos.

Making Music Great Again

Making Music Great Again

Making Corporate Events Sophisticated Again

Making Cocktail Hour the Best Hour Again

Victor Hugo

party a1 (23).jpg

Making Parties Fun Again

Dominos Dinner WooWoo.jpg

Making Dinner Gourmet Again

Spiros_Meropi_10_years 147.jpeg

Making Weddings Romantic Again

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